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  • 2019

    Oct  14

    Workshop on Asian Solvency Regulation & Cooperation 2019 (WASRC 2019) more

    The WASRC 2019 to be held on 14-25 October 2019 in China.
    The topics includes: 1) The development of China financial and insurance markets; 2) Conceptual framework and technical discussions of solvency regimes in Asian and emerging markets; 3) Introduction to the opening-up policy of Chinese insurance market, the development and application of FinTech; 4) Discussion on   recent IFRS development and international regulatory regime development; 5) Field visits to financial institutions and related institutions.

  • 2019

    Sep  16

    5th China-ASEAN Summit Forum on Insurance Cooperation and Development more

    The 5th China-ASEAN Summit Forum on Insurance Cooperation and Development held in Nanning, China on 16 September 2019 with the theme of “Promoting Insurance Supervisory Cooperation in Asian Region and Further Opening Up to ASEAN Countries”.

  • 2019

    Mar  04

    ADBI-OECD Roundtable on Insurance and Retirement Saving more

    ADBI-OECD Roundtable on Insurance and Retirement Saving on 4-5 Mar 2019 in Myanmar 

  • 2018

    Dec  12

    AFIR Workshop on IFRS 17 more

    12/12/2018, China Hong Kong, AFIR Workshop on IFRS 17 implementation issues to be hosted by Insurance Authority, Hong Kong
    This is a workshop back-to-back with the Insurance Summit. All AFIR members would be invited to attend the workshop to exchange views and share experiences in the implementation of IFRS 17 in the Asian-Pacific region.

  • 2018

    Dec  11

    Asian Insurance Forum more

    Insurance Summitto be hosted by Insurance Authority, Hong Kong
    The Insurance Summit will provide a high-level forum for government officials, local and overseas regulatory authorities, market practitioners and professionals to share regulatory experiences and insights and explore major trends and business opportunities in the insurance markets in the region. All AFIR members would be invitedto attend the Insurance Summit.  An estimation of 500 participants would attend the Insurance Summit. 

  • 2016

    Jul  27

    Sharing of IAIS EXCO meeting topics more

    According to the discussion paper on Regional Cooperation, an initiative in 2016 was proposed to share facets of IAIS topics tabled at IAIS EXCO meetings with other AFIR members. This initiative is piloted by inviting AFIR members who are also IAIS member to a teleconference on 27 July 2016 from 14:00 to 15:30am Beijing time (GMT + 8:00). The first teleconference will serve as a trial where both Singapore and Japan will share the following IAIS topics and thereafter solicit feedback on the format of the call:
           (a) Main points of the Insurance Capital Standards ("ICS") Second Consultation Document to be published by IAIS in around mid-July; Presented by Singapore
           (b) G-SII package published on June 16 and Resolution related work (LAC in resolution and the ongoing work for ICP 12(resolution of insurers)); Presented by Japan

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